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I cam have been reporting on adult webcams since this website started nearly a decade ago. The main players are all still around even if a couple of them seem to be a lot less popular now than they were in the past. Another change has been the rise of new competition. There’s always room for more naked women so I am happy to welcome Stripcamfun to the scene.

Even before anyone had heard of the novel virus that led to the pandemic there was a real and noticeable trend towards sex work among many women in Western countries. That trend has only increased in the time since. The bulk of it seems to be concentrated in online sex work mainly in the form of live and video entertainment for adults. Porno cams play a big part in that.

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There was a time when sex work itself was a sort of taboo in much of the west. These days we have thousands of women openly posting their naked bodies and sex online in exchange for money and followers. Some are more forward about it than others. I just watched a group of naked women on Strip Cams who actually say they “can be bought”. That’s of course meant more in the metaphysical sense. But the point remains.

I don’t need to dive too deep into the inner workings of the modern economy to explain how things work. Especially to regular readers of this site. One plus one equals two. At the end of the day money is at the root of much of our lives. Not just the evil parts either. Since I see nothing wrong with naked bodies or consensual sex I am of course fine with it all. In fact I am a big fan of adult entertainment myself.

If it is alright to pay a woman to clean my teeth or massage my back I don’t see the problem with paying a woman who offers to get naked and spread her legs for my titillation. We’re constantly told that we are in a service economy. What better service is there than making other people happy and satisfied? If food is the way to a man’s heart than a nice pair of tits is the way to his pleasure center. I don’t have to tell you where that is located. But it’s not far from his wallet. Love it or hate it this is in fact the way the modern world works.

I am glad that I am able to pull up a seemingly unlimited supply of naked women who are willing to show off everything for horny guys like me. That sure helps pass the time even in this era of uncertainty. Or perhaps especially in this period!

With countless models on display at all hours there is something for everyone with a hard on over at Strip Cams. They’ve even got gay males and ladyboys for those who are into that. I am personally quite satisfied watching hot naked gals work themselves over. I’m even quite alright with solo Milf webcams. But I do have to admit that I like watching some live sex shows too from time to time.


I am know I am not alone in this. That’s why so many people come here to read reports on the commercial sex industry around the world. It is in fact a very large industry with many facets. One of the largest and most profitable areas is the live cam avenue. After watching even one or two broadcasters in the buff it is quite easy to see why.